Art is not a competition.

“Art is not a competition” — Rocko Seymour

This morning I was awaken by a phone call from a good friend. During our conversation he proceeded to ask me, “If you could name anyone, who would you say is your competition”. I paused, in all honesty one name popped into my head, but within that same instant I realized that me & that person move in two different worlds(Don’t ask because I am not telling lol ;D). In competition the game of compare and contrast comes into play. I personally don’t believe in comparing myself to others and vice versa. Now I must admit there will always be similarities between the works of others. But when entering the world of competition some one has to be deemed victor, and with that being said, one will be placed above the other. I choose not to move throughout the world with the idea that I am better than anyone.

No one’s vision is the same.

“Art is not a competition, but it is a form of individualism. So with that being said stay in your own lane pimpin” — Marti.

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