If ranting was ever cool.

I’d rant about lack of support.

There are a many types of people who don’t support others, but frequently seen are…

  • People who don’t necessarily like your work (Usually believe everyone will view it the same way as them, simple minded).
  • People who don’t want to offend others who don’t like your work (Usually afraid to stand up for what they believe in, weak minded).
  • People who view your work as a direct threat (Usually afraid your craft will over power theirs, insecure).

I never knew how much a retweet mattered until I personally didn’t receive any. As an artist my overall goal is to reach the masses, but if those that already surround me aren’t viewing my art how is it expected for me to reach anyone else? The enemy would like me to think no one supports me, but I can’t ever deny or pass over those that do. For every 10 supporters that I feel is lacking in my corner I am grateful for that 1 who is an appreciator and advocate for my work. It is that very love that keeps me positive about everything that I do.

“Just because you support someone doesn’t mean they have to support you”

This is true, but why would you not want to? Why not help spread the work of your fellow peers? Better yet, why not help spread the work of a person you call friend? Why must we be so selfish?

I never knew how much a retweet mattered until I personally didn’t receive any. It’s funny how something as small as a retweet can hold so much power, but within something so small and simple it can present itself as the grandest gesture. That retweet means someone is paying attention, someone sees you and your craft, someone feels the need to share it with the world.

Never think your too good to support the one’s around you… Remember guys, you will reap what you sew.


3 thoughts on “If ranting was ever cool.

  1. I completely agree! I talk about things of this sort quite often in various guises- Although most of the time people don’t seem to get the message. Key is to hang in there Hold strong and keep going despite the attitudes of those around you. Following you now- Have a lovely Friday and weekend.

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