Darren Hanible 20.

I was ecstatic when my fellow Generation Y brother Darren Hanible contacted me asking me to be apart of his last studio recording session for his soon to be released album entitled 20. Set to release December 17th of this year. I discovered Darren Hanible ealier this year when he released his “Songs for Women” ep. I was instantly intrigued. Darren’s eclectic musical abilities sets the bar high amongst other artist emerging in our generation. With features by Matt McGhee, Light Show and Marlee D I have high expectations for 20. I await the day you too can appreciate the sounds of Darren Hanible. Love you Darren! I am beyond proud of you! Follow Darren @DarrenHanible

_DSC3500 copy_DSC3488 copy
_DSC3445 copy_DSC3493 copy_DSC3543 copy_DSC3529 copy_DSC3511 copy_DSC3433 copy_DSC3495 copy_DSC3552 copy_DSC3506 copy


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