Temporary pleasures.


Part 2 of my Depression series featuring a very important woman in my life by the name of Eryn Amel.

The purpose of this shoot was to display one of my temporary pain relievers, lust. That very moment you feel wanted and  in control of your actions and pleasure. That instant when all you can focus on is the jolt pulsating through every muscle in your body. All to leave you alone, disgusted, and still in the same dark place you started. Temporary pleasures.
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6 thoughts on “Temporary pleasures.

  1. I have a question, you typed friends don’t date ya exes and before u use to type about it more often. I have a friend well I called her bestie but we barely hung out and my ex started dating her but that wasn’t my current ex I still felt some type of way but at the end of the day they are better for each other but now my ex is mad at me becuz my friend at the time told her the things I said about her so now I look like a hater. how did u or do u handle it? I mean I did say I ain’t care about my ex to her and I told em to go head but when I saw u type that it made me think am I a bad person? two faced? dramatic? Isn’t it normal for a girl to be selfish? let me know

    • Hey! I honestly don’t recall ever touching on that subject but I’ll have to look through my post to refresh my memory.
      It sounds like you and this girl were just associates and never really friends in the first place. If she was truly your friend what was spoken between the two of you should have stayed between the two of you. It’s normal for us to talk shit about out ex’s, especially when the wounds are still fresh. If your ex truly knew you they’d know exactly how you feel inside and know you were speaking out of anger due to the situation and they should take it with a grain of salt.
      It’s also completely normal to feel some type of way about this situation, as you should. Just don’t dwell on this situation for long. Whats done is done. You know that they are better for each other so now is the time you focus on whats best for you. Move on, let them live out their next chapter in life while you go begin yours.

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