Video: Practicing video editing.

I’m slightly embarrassed to be posting this lol. My first time ever actually sitting down and teaching myself how to use Final Cut Pro. The end result is nothing spectacular but hopefully a step into a new direction. And yes I know its not 1080p HD…. so don’t complain.

I want comments and suggestions about me venturing into videography. It’s been brought to my attention at least 20 times over the past year that I should start. I guess this is the beginning of my journey.

I shot this footage while riding the Metro North into the city.

Track: Walls by NiceguyxVinny

5 thoughts on “Video: Practicing video editing.

  1. I was not ready for it to stop lol. I was intrigued. Only thing I can say negative is that it was was little too dark. when you layered the brown squares on top of the shot Im unclear as to why or what you were trying to show us. But other than that, I think was good I’m excited to see your growth.♥

  2. I also have been working in Final Cut Pro/10. I really enjoy it but be prepared to have much patience because you will find yourself committing to hours of work for perfection. Make sure you always have plenty of footage so you have much to work with. Have a vision for your project so that it tells a story. By the way, In the video it would have been good to have had some footage of the train coming into the platform.

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