Limited Restrictions

Featuring @MandaGabrielle_

My second official small video creation. Let me know what you guys think.

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Practice part 3

My third time out the gate with Final Cut Pro X.
Editing this footage took me much longer than I expected.

As I was editing I was reaching out to friends for feedback as well as referencing different video sources for inspiration and ideas. I quickly found myself frustrated with the lack of footage I had which I believe limited me on how much fun I could have in post processing.
After about a 2 week break an old friend of mine by the name of Rocko Seymour, videographer & director, asked me to work with him on a project. After only a month (honestly a few weeks) of practice you could imagine my shock.I asked him why, and to my dismay his reply was, “Its minimal yet effective some people edit in a hardcore way to make up for a lack of good shots and to keep the attention, but your work so far compliments all of the footage you had.”

In that instant I regained much of the confidence I had lost.

I realized that sometimes simplicity can be a great strength, and I was definitely going to use that to my advantage. I will not oversaturate my art in post processing to create “interesting” pieces. I will show you exactly what it is I see, in the cleanest and simplest form just as I do my imaging.

Gotta love visual arts.

Black Hat Part 1

My second practice edit while venturing into video editing.
This was recorded on my HTC One Mini but I will have video following this recorded on my camera. All feedback is greatly appreciated!
Featuring Black Hat

Track: Wall Street x After the Smoke

Practicing video editing.

I’m slightly embarrassed to be posting this lol. My first time ever actually sitting down and teaching myself how to use Final Cut Pro. The end result is nothing spectacular but hopefully a step into a new direction. And yes I know its not 1080p HD…. so don’t complain.

I want comments and suggestions about me venturing into videography. It’s been brought to my attention at least 20 times over the past year that I should start. I guess this is the beginning of my journey.

I shot this footage while riding the Metro North into the city.

Track: Walls by NiceguyxVinny

Hippodramidan ft. Cal Rips – Fuck Tuesday

Ever since I graced the presence of DMV’s own Kool Klux Klan I’ve had beef with Tuesdays.

In these past few months I’ve been blessed enough to share moments in time with these amazing young men. If you follow my blog you’ve seen post about the passing of Christopher ‘Avionadramida’ Scott. Before he was called home him and best friend Sir E.U recorded “Fuck Tuesday”, today the visuals were released. All I can say is, Avion is doing his damn dance right now! Shout out to the amazing production by @Kreative_Khoas !