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Limited Restrictions

Featuring @MandaGabrielle_

My second official small video creation. Let me know what you guys think.

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Black Hat



Images from my shoot with Black Hat. _DSC2951 _DSC2979 _DSC2996 _DSC3021 _DSC3038 _DSC3064 _DSC3079 _DSC3108 IMAG0192Last image shot on HTC One Mini

Temporary pleasures.


Part 2 of my Depression series featuring a very important woman in my life by the name of Eryn Amel.

The purpose of this shoot was to display one of my temporary pain relievers, lust. That very moment you feel wanted and  in control of your actions and pleasure. That instant when all you can focus on is the jolt pulsating through every muscle in your body. All to leave you alone, disgusted, and still in the same dark place you started. Temporary pleasures.
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